Get your gift box with a Purple Gift Box

If you’ve never received a Purple gift box before, here’s how it works: You pay for it with your gift card, which is then automatically charged to your gift account, and then when you arrive at the store, you pick up the gift box.

Here’s how to get your gift in a Purple box: Open up your gift cards card to your PayPal account and select “Gift Cards” in the left navigation bar.

In the drop-down menu, select “Red Box” from the list of options.

Click “Add Gift Card.”

Enter the amount you want to pay, then click “Send.”

The Red Box is then ready for you.

If you need to send the gift to a different address, simply select the address you’d like to send to in the drop down menu and select the “Add Address” option.

Enter the address, time, and the recipient’s email address when you’re done.

(If you’re not receiving your gift, please check your spam folder.)

You can send a Purple package to any address in the United States or Canada, but only to those addresses in which you live or in which the recipient has a Purple account.

If a recipient is a US citizen or permanent resident, the gift must be sent to their mailing address in order to be considered a gift.

If the recipient is not a US or Canadian citizen or resident, you can send it to a USPS-approved address for free.

(For more information, see our guide to gift boxes.)

You also get a free Gift Cards for each gift box you order.

If it’s a gift box for a Red Box, you get a gift card that’s redeemable for up to five different merchandise products.

You can redeem the gift cards online for gift cards or at the shop.

You also can receive a gift certificate for the purchase of up to $100 worth of merchandise at the retailer.

You’ll also get an “Exclusive Bonus” for each additional gift card you purchase.

The bonus includes a gift bag for $200, a $200 gift card for $50, a Red Gift Card for $30, a Purple Packaging Pack for $20, and a Red Card for a $20 gift card.

You get the bonus for each eligible Red or Purple gift card purchased from the same retailer.

(The bonus is available for a limited time only, so get yours while you can!)

How to get a Purple boxed gift in the mail: If you’re outside the United Kingdom, you must also buy a Red gift card to receive the Purple package.

If, however, you’re in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, you’ll be able to receive a Red or a Purple bundle of goods from your local fulfillment center.

To get the Purple bundle, you simply need to order one of the merchandise items in the Red box and mail the items to your recipient.

If that person doesn’t live in the US or Canada and can’t use a mail service, you will have to send a gift to an address outside the US and Canada.

The Red or the Purple packages will be shipped from the United Sates or Canada to the recipient in a different country.

(See our guide on how to package your gift.)

For more information on how you can get a Red box or Purple box, check out our gift guide for more tips on how the Red or Black box works.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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