The Huffington’s new gift box giveaway: “This is not a normal thing. This is a real gift.”

A brand new piece of content has hit The Huffington Pundit’s blog, a brand new video from the team behind the latest season of “The Muppets.”

The clip shows a young Muppet character in a video interview discussing her plans to “make some coffee” and getting ready for a day in the park.

The Muppeteers were inspired by a book called “Muppets Most Wanted” and “Muppet Food” by the same name.

In the video, the character tells her mom that she’s going to buy a coffee maker and start cooking some muppets, and she’s very excited.

Muppet food is available for purchase on the Muppet Food website.

In an interview with The HuffingtonPundit, Muppet Food founder and creative director Paul Gagnon said the brand is not making any money from the video.

“It’s very expensive to produce a video,” he said.

“The content itself is not for sale.”

Gagnon also noted that the video is in Japanese, which he said is an uncommon practice.

“If we were in a different language, we would probably have been able to get it into a more localized market, but that’s not the case,” he added.

“We wanted to be more than just a cute video,” said Gagnons co-creator, Matt Fink.

“We wanted it to be a platform for kids to share their creativity.”

Fink said that Muppet food’s mission is to “share the joy of being a Muppet and help kids realize their dreams of becoming a Muppety.”

“We hope that by sharing these ideas, that our Muppy kids will get a chance to become real people,” he continued.

“The Muppet Family” is set to premiere on the Fox network on September 13.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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