Cannabis infused food and drink is here

Chewy has announced its first-ever infused food product, which it claims will be made with cannabis-infused edible flowers.

The company will debut a cannabis infused ice cream and ice cream drink at its annual show in New York on April 25.

The new product, called Crystals Chewy Gift Box, will be available in 10 flavours.

Chewy will launch the new product at its New York Cannabis Expo show on April 26.

The product, said CEO and co-founder Daniel R. Wahl, will offer a fresh cannabis taste, along with the added benefit of allowing consumers to choose their own cannabis flavour, to make up for the loss of some traditional flavours like chocolate.

“Chewy is committed to offering the best cannabis flavour available today, and we’re thrilled to bring this revolutionary new product to our customers at New York,” Wahl said in a statement.

“This cannabis infused edible is one of the most innovative products we have ever made.

We’re thrilled we can now bring Crystals to market and have it available for purchase in New Yorkers shops as soon as possible.”

Chewy says the cannabis infused product will be sold in 20 flavours, including chocolate, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry and coffee, and will also include a cannabis-flavoured ice cream.

Chewys founder and CEO Daniel R Wahl has launched the first ever cannabis infused food item in New Zealand.

Photo: Supplied “Chewys products are carefully selected from a huge variety of cannabis-related products from around the world, and they’re all created using the latest technologies and the best ingredients to ensure they’re not only high quality, but they’re also the most compassionate,” Wills said.

“We’re working with an industry leader in the world to develop a cannabis drink, and the results are so delicious that we’re already dreaming up a whole range of delicious products for our consumers.”

Chewy said it was working with a leading producer of cannabis extracts, Cannatech, and would soon be able to launch the product in New England.

“Cannatech extracts have been proven to be highly bioavailable and are safe and well tolerated, and so we are committed to making this the most high quality cannabis-based edible product on the market,” Willing said.

The ChewY product will include the plant material known as “sandy coconut”, which Chewy said was a common ingredient in cannabis-derived ice creams and gummy candies.

“The cannabis extract from which we are using to make our Crystals is extracted from the Cannabis sativa flower, which is an edible plant and also contains a number of medicinal and therapeutic properties,” Willy said.

Chewbys new Cannabis Chewy Ice Cream is expected to be available at New Zealand stores on April 24.

“As Chewy is one the world’s largest and most renowned cannabis producers, it is of great interest to us to offer this first-of-its-kind cannabis- infused ice-cream product to New Zealanders,” Chewy co-founders and CEO Rolf Rössler and COO Martin Wahl added.

Chewer’s New Zealand sales manager, Chris Stahl, said the new cannabis infused drink would be the first of its kind in the country.

“I think it’s really exciting to see this being available in New Zealander’s shops.

It’s really important that we have a product that we can use in the home and we can enjoy responsibly,” Stahl said.

While there are some legal restrictions for consuming cannabis, cannabis-friendly products like Chewy’s will allow consumers to enjoy the same deliciousness that they would find in traditional cannabis products.

“Our aim is to help consumers make the most of the cannabis that they can get their hands on, whether it’s a traditional ice cream, or something a bit different,” Chewies co-CEO Daniel R Gahl said, adding that there were still plenty of cannabis products that were still in the works.

“It’s a really exciting time for the industry in New South Wales, as the introduction of the recreational cannabis regime in Victoria means that people can legally purchase cannabis products,” Gahl added, while Chewy was still committed to the cannabis industry.

Chey’s cannabis infused Ice Cream was originally developed as a result of a long-term collaboration with Cannatech.

“In 2016, we partnered with Cannica to bring the cannabis extract technology to the consumer market,” Chewbies general manager and chief innovation officer Paul McLeod said.

In February 2017, Chewy launched a cannabis extract, CBD Oil, for its cannabis infused products, which were then sold through its website.

The Cannica CBD Oil was also available in Chewy stores, while CBD Oil products for sale through Chewy, Chewbys online store and Chewy online retail partner ShopTo were also available through Chew’s website and ShopTo partner.

“If you’re looking to get high and feel your energy return, we

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