How to make an emoji card from scratch

An emoji card is a beautiful image that represents a person or object, and it’s often used in greeting cards, gift cards, and more.

To make an actual card, you’ll need to download a free emoji-maker app like Memebot or Emoji Maker.

But in this tutorial, we’re going to focus on making a small version of an emoji with a few extra steps.

How to Make an Emoji Card 1.

Make the basic template of your card, including the background and font 2.

Create a new image, then draw the image using the arrow keys 3.

Draw the text around the emoji in the background 4.

Add the text to the bottom of the card with a black line and a black border 5.

Fill in the text and fill in the font using the white and black fill tools 6.

Save your card as a .gif, .jpg, or .png file, and add it to your desktop or mobile device 7.

Download MemeBot or Emojifier Maker 8.

Copy the template image to your clipboard and save it to the same folder as the template 9.

Open and choose Create New Emoji from the menu.

The resulting file will look something like this: Meme::Card.gif Meme:Card.jpg Meme:(Emoji Card)Meme:(Pics of People)Memo:Card(New Emoji).gif This file will be saved as MemeCard.exe.

To copy the template file to your computer, open a command prompt window and type Meme in the search bar.

This command will open Meme and create a new command prompt in the same location as the MemeFile.exe file.

Meme will open in a window where you can copy the file.

The command you use to copy the image to the clipboard will be displayed as a menu item on the clipboard.

Type MemeCopyFile.bat to paste the file you just created into the command prompt.

The file will appear as an image in the clipboard and open in Meme by default.

Memescript, the next step, will open a text editor and convert the file to a script.

The script you use is important to make sure your script is executed properly, because it tells Meme to use Meme for rendering the image.

You can run MemeScript on your desktop computer and use the script to draw the text.

You should see a new window appear with the script in the top-right corner.

Copy this script to a file called MemeCancelScript.bat.

You’ll want to copy it to a different folder than the one where you saved your script.

For example, you might want to run the script on a different computer.

Now you can open Memes script in a text-editor and paste it into Meme’s command prompt: MemesScript.txt The script should be visible on the screen in Memes.

When you’re finished, close Memes and reopen it.

MemedecancelScript will show you the file as an option for Memes command prompt to open.


Next, create a template for your card.

You need a template to show people who use the card that you created it to, so you can tell people who visit your website to see it.

To create your template, open

From the menu, choose Create Template.

The template file will open.

Copy it to another folder and save the template to that same folder.

MemeweebTemplate.gif is the template you’ll use to draw a card.


Open up, and from the list of cards you can buy, choose Cards.


Choose a card and make sure it’s an existing card.

The card will appear in Memewedecards.txt.

You may need to drag and drop the card you just made into the card slots.


Copy Memeweedecards to another file called Cards.txt and save this file to the folder where you copied the template.

MemoCancelTemplate.bat is the script you used to draw your card and is the same script that opens to show your template.


To add the text, draw the background around the card, and fill it with a line, a black square, and a white border.


Add a line and fill the font with a white space and a green border.

MemebildecardsTemplate.jpg is the card template you use when drawing cards.


When the card is complete, save it as a PNG file.


Open your Memeweddecards template file and open it in Memedes script editor.

Paste the template into

The Script should now open.

The code that creates your card will look like this. Memeroad.

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